Sisters Who Serve is a Nevada-based 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to securing and providing education, resources, training, and mentoring to Military Women and Women in Military Families to support their physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being.

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Why We Do It

Sisters Who Serves honors the courage, commitment, and contribution of the women who serve and support our country.  Some serve in uniform, and others are the vital support system for our military personnel.  It is now well known in neuroscience, cellular biology and psychology that women experience and process stress and trauma differently than men, physiologically and psychologically.  Our programs are specifically designed to address and solve those issues and needs.

How Do We Do It

Sisters Who Serve provides education, mentoring, systems and networks through products, services, workshops and technology based platforms.  We provide these safe, secure and scalable services though sponsorships and donations made to the organization.

Our holistic and pragmatic philosophy of “Heal a Vet, Hire a Vet” assesses the individual needs, challenges, skills and assets of each woman on a case by case basis.

“Heal a Vet”:  Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) in military women is more than double the rate in men (10% versus 4%).  Under the care and guidance of certified and licensed professionals, we provide holistic healing services to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), military sexual trauma (MST) and other emotional and physical health issues incurred before, during and/or after their military service.

Energy healing is recognized and currently used by most of the military medical community as a protocol for treating PTSD and other emotional and physical health issues.  Active duty service women and veterans have been seeking and receiving effective treatments outside of what is provided in military and Veterans Administration settings.  Sisters Who Serve’s “Heal a Vet” initiative was formed to address this widespread need.  We know that unless and until our women heal from the inside, they can’t thrive on the outside.

“Hire a Vet”:  Young female veterans are experiencing an unemployment rate as high as 36.1%.  Based on the skills, needs and desires of each military woman, we have a cadre of trainers and mentors who collaboratively assess, train and develop marketable skills in the private sector.   We work in collaboration and cooperation with other non-profit and for-profit organizations to place them into either well-paying jobs or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Because many military women have childcare needs and/or may need to move frequently, we factor that into the timing, content, delivery, and outcomes of our training and mentoring programs.  That’s because many of the in-demand programs and skills we teach can be done from home and are location independent with just a phone and internet connection.

“Honor a Vet”:   We know that transitioning from military to civilian life has its unique challenges, especially for military women.  We provide those much needed skills, education and support to help military women thrive, not just survive.  This not only includes our programs and services, but much needed campaigns to increase awareness and education among our nation’s population, military women, top thought leaders, and ladies.

“House a Vet”:  Sadly, our young female veterans are among the fastest growing homeless population in the United States.  It is our mission to prevent, solve and put an end to this tragic statistic.  We’ve created a comprehensive, holistic approach to solving and serving our military women so they don’t end up on the streets…and we partner with other organizations to help those who have.

“Help a Vet”:  Thanks to your generous donations and support, our Sisters Who Serve can recover, re-enter society and re-engage in productive work.  We know our military women represent some of the most caring, committed, courageous and intelligent human resources in the United States today.   Our philosophy is “Always a hand up, never a hand out”…and our proud Sisters Who Serve wouldn’t have it any other way.

What We Do

Some of the programs and services Sisters Who Serve offers include:

  • Individual holistic and energy healing modalities such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, water therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neural-reprogramming, biofeedback, and many others.
  • 3 Day Holistic Healing Retreats and Workshops
  • 6 week intensive Accelerated Change Template (ACT™) Virtual Bootcamp
  • 6 week intensive Entrepreneurial Virtual Boot Camps
  • Virtual Assistant & Personal Assistant Virtual Bootcamps
  • Various skills training and mentoring programs, workshops, and internships to learn well paying, marketable, and in demand skills to re-enter the job or entrepreneurial environment
  • Scholarships for Sisters Who Serve affiliate programs and services

Sisters Who Serve is a premier resource for Military Women and Women in Military Families!

If you’re Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve or a Veteran;  A Spouse, Mother, Daughter, Sister, or a caregiver who needs support for a Military Soldier…Sisters Who Serve is here for you.

If you’re looking for a place to get the support you need, an understanding of what it’s like to be active military or a family member, we invite you to reach out and join us.  We understand your needs like no other group because we’ve been in your boots.


 If you’re looking for a place to generously give your support to our Sisters Who Serve, we invite you to join our movement through your donations, sponsorships, and volunteer activities.



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About Nikkea B. Devida

Nikkea B. Devida is a 1986 US Air Force Academy graduate who served as an officer responsible for negotiating and managing nearly $200 million dollars of defense contracts…at the age of 22.

Then she honed her business, project management, and operational skills with companies like Disney, Macmillan Publishing, and many others.

As a result of a severe eating disorder, bulimia, Nikkea was hospitalized for 4 months and medically discharged from the Air Force in 1990.  After pursuing all the traditional methods of treatment, she explored complimentary and holistic treatments.  Virtually none of them worked until she learned about the power of the subconscious mind and changing subconscious beliefs.  When she learned how to change her own subconscious beliefs, the symptoms of her eating disorder decreased in 6 weeks.  That got her attention, and is what ultimately led to her being an entrepreneur where she now teaches her breakthrough system to others.  She now has her own speaking, training and consulting business helping other women entrepreneurs who are making a positive difference in the world with their expertise, gifts, and talents.  Nikkea is known as an “Accelerated Results Business Mentor” because if it needs to be organized, systemized, and monetized,  she’s is your “go to” resource for simple, effective tools and breakthrough systems to get clear, get “unstuck”, and get fast results that last.

Nikkea also has a vision to raise $1 million for Women Veterans through her non-profit foundation, especially those experiencing PTSD and those who want to become entrepreneurs. As a singer/songwriter herself, she wrote and recorded a song called “Sisters Who Serve” for this purpose.  She recently did a debut performance of the song to honor veterans to a live audience of 1000 people.

Her vision is for Sisters Who Serve to be a collaborative effort among military, civilian, and veteran women entrepreneurs, leaders and professions who combine forces, talents, and skills together to support each other to have successful businesses, careers and lives.